Seiya Uribatake (瓜畑 セイヤ?) is a supporting character that appears in the Martian Successor Nadesico television series. Seiya is the mechanic of the ND-001 Nadesico.

Personality & CharacterEdit

According to Prospector, Seiya has some slight personality disorders. (Nadesico: "To Go Like a Man")

Seiya enjoys making inventions and building plastic models.



He was working on a female android called "Lily" in his garage for three days (as his wife complained). Despite being unlicensed, he was recruited by Goat Hory and Mr. Prospector from Nergal Heavy Industries to become the ND-001 Nadesico's mechanic due to his skills. But Lilly then activates and sends a swarm of missiles. He was eager to become the ship's mechanic in order to get away from his wife and kids.

Later, in the night, after arriving at the ND-001 Nadesico to become its mechanic, In the hangar where the Aestivalis mecha were kept, Seiya saw pilot Gai Daigoji imitate a Gekigan Punch move from Gekigangar 3, in an Aestivalis Ground Battle Frame. While Akito watched from above, he, via loudspeaker, told Gai to get out as Gai tried to perform a Gekigan Blade. According to him, their pilots weren't supposed to arrive for three days but Gai couldn't get there fast enough upon hearing that they were going to be piloting Real Robots. Gai proceeded to perform an original move "Gai Super Upper". While Akito reminisced about watching Gekigangar too, Gai tripped the Aestivalis over. Gai liked how the Aestivalis had a similar control system to Gekigangar. He explained to Gai that using the latest Image Feedback technology, even a child/baby could move one. Gai Daigoji introduces himself to Seiya but according to the tablet Seiya has, the profile stated his name to be Jiro Yamada. That is the boring name that his mother gave him but Gai Daigoji is the name that belongs to his soul. Gai stood up, sending a taunting message to the "evil Jovians" it is at this moment he feels the injury he got from tripping over. Seiya tells him that he broke his leg but he is in denial. Gai screams and asks Akito up on the catwalk to get his most prescious posession still inside the Aestivalis cockpit. Akito questions Gai's mental age when he sees that Gai's most prescious posession is a Gekigangar toy.


Hikaru Amano

They both enjoy building plastic models together.

(Nadesico: "To Go Like a Man")

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