Nergal Heavy Industries (ネルガル重工 Nerugaru Jūkō?) is a faction that appears in the Martian Successor Nadesico television series.


Nergal assists the United Earth government with their war against the Jovian Lizards attacking from the planet Jupiter, which have annihilated the UE military forces on Mars and captured the planet. Conventional weaponry proves useless against the invaders, and so a new type of battleship must be created; the ND-001 Nadesico, armed with the same weaponry and defenses used by the Jovian forces. However, though the ship was commissioned by the UE, it remains the property of Nergal, which has its own plans for the vessel and its crew: Project Schiaparelli, named for the astronomer who named the seas and continents on the Red Planet.


Nergal's first interest was to itself; to that end, the Nadesico was created to break through the massed Jovian forces and re-capture technology and research from Nergal laboratories which were abandoned when Mars was occupied. One of the revelations made on the planet was that the Nadesico itself was not fully realized by Nergal. An ancient vessel which had crash-landed on the planet was discovered by the corporation. Realizing its technological value, Nergal built a facility around it, and the design of the Nadesico and all future ships in its class, the Nadesico-class were based on this ship. However, the Nadesico was overwhelmed by a massive attack and heavily damaged, forcing its desperate retreat from the planet using a Jovian transporter device. Learning of this failure, the chairman of Nergal made the decision to formally ally the company with the UE and integrate the Nadesico with the military for the time being.



Vehicles and Support UnitsEdit

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