Nagare Akatsuki
Affiliations Nergal Heavy Industries
Occupations Chariman of Nergal
Aestivalis pilot
Mecha Aestivalis
Japanese voice Ryōtarō Okiayu
English voice Jay Hickman

Nagare Akatsuki (アカツキ・ナガレ Akatsuki Nagare?) is an Aestivalis pilot who first appears after the Nadesico reappears near the Moon after disappearing from Mars as part of the task force from the battleship Cosmos. He soon joins the regular cast as a pilot and is a very skilled one. Nagare has the reputation of being a playboy, though he is often seen with Jun Aoi and Seiya Uribitake eating instant ramen, lamenting over Akito Tenkawa's inexplicable luck with the women of the Nadesico.

Nagare and Akito Tenkawa don't get along well for several reasons. Nagare resents the anime Akito watches, Gekiganger III, and anime in general. On top of that, he has a thing for the captain of the ship, Yurika Misumaru, and feels that Akito is a threat. There is something very mysterious about him that the crew doesn't quite understand, but he has some major connections with Nergal. Later in the series it is revealed that he is actually the chairman of Nergal and the only person capable of removing the master key from the Nadesico other than Yurika.

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