Martian Successor Nadesico: The Blank of 3 Years
Blank of 3 Years
Developer(s) Nexus Interactive
Publisher(s) Sega
Platform(s) Sega Saturn
Release date(s)
  • JP September 23, 1998
Game Mode(s) Single

Martian Successor Nadesico: The Blank of 3 Years (機動戦艦ナデシコ The blank of 3 years Kidō Senkan Nadeshiko The blank of 3 years?) is the second Martian Successor Nadesico game to be released. Making its début on the Sega Saturn in September 1998. It is the direct sequel to the TV series, bridging the gap between the events of the final episode and Prince of Darkness. The characters are voiced by their respective seiyū.

The game comes with three discs, including a bonus mini audio disc.[1]


Following the end of the war, Akito Tenkawa leaves the military and becomes a ramen cook. Yurika Misumaru and Minato Haruka enter into a custody battle over Ruri Hoshino. When it becomes clear that the argument will never end, the Prospector decides to end it with a contest. Yurika and Minato will each grab hold of one of Ruri's arms and pull. As they pull, Ruri cries out in pain and Minato lets her go. Prospector declares Yurika the winner because she had proven that no matter what happened, she would never let Ruri go. Ruri was adopted by Yurika, and lived together with her and Yurika's new fiance, Akito, in his restaurant where they help him out.

A year later, Akito proposes to Yurika and she accepts. However, her father, Admiral Koichiro Misumaru, refuses to condone it because he is worried that Akito will not be able to provide for his daughter in the future. The argument is ended with a ramen contest. If Akito can make ramen that Mr. Misumaru thinks is delicious, he will accept the marriage. Akito makes plain, ordinary ramen and wins.

Earth and Jupiter form a united government, the United Confederation. Shortly after their marriage, Akito and Yurika, supposedly die in a shuttle accident on their way to their honeymoon on Mars. In reality they are kidnapped by a group known as the Martian Successors and taken to one of their bases in an attempt to study and control all the Class-A Jumpers. During their captivity, Akito is experimented upon, which not only results in the loss of his humanity, but his senses, such as taste. Ruri is taken in by Minato and Inez Fressange fakes her own death when the abduction of Class A Jumpers becomes apparent.

Akito is later rescued along with Lapis Lazuli in an operation mounted by Nergal, but Yurika could not be rescued in time. Akito at first refuses to work with Nergal again, but both sides came to a compromise. Nergal will provide Akito with intelligence on the Martian Successors, including their bases, and in exchange, he will attack and steal information from them with hopes that this will lead to the location of Yurika. To become stronger, Akito asks Gen-Ichiro Tsukuomi to train him as a warrior and pilot. After his training, Nagare Akatsuki presents Akito with Nergal's newest prototype Aestivalis, the Black Sarena. It is the Super Aestivalis that was created as part of the One-Man, One-Ship Project, a next generation Aestivalis using the combination of Earth and Jovian technology. It has its own internal power source as well as the ability to Boson Jump across the Solar System at will. Nergal also gives Akito the corvette Eucharis along with its operator, Lapis Lazuli. Seeing Ruri in Lapis, Akito takes her in as his partner. While the experiments conducted upon Lapis destroyed her ability to feel emotions, they ended up joining Akito and Lapis, as each will supplement the other's missing senses.

With this, Akito and Lapis conduct lightning raids and attack and destroy base after base used by the Martian Successors. Due to the Eucharis' and Black Sarena's abilities to Boson Jump anywhere in the Solar System, rumors begin to spread of a "Black Ghost". Admiral Misumaru later gives Ruri command of the Nadesico-B and Hari Makibi joins her crew.



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Nadesico The Blank of Three Years Opening


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