Jun Aoi (アオイ・ジュン Aoi Jun?) is a supporting character from the Martian Successor Nadesico television series and Martian Successor Nadesico: The Motion Picture - Prince of Darkness. Jun is a talented military officer of the UEAF who served as the executive officer of the Nadesico before later assuming his own command.


Jun is a stickler for rules and regulations, as well as stating the obvious. He can often be found beside the beautiful and bubbly Captain Yurika Misumaru, whom he has had a serious crush on for years when her family moved from Mars to Earth ten years prior to the Jovian War. In fact, he cares about Yurika so much that he practically gave up his military career so that he could serve aboard the Nadesico with her. He is a trained Aestivalis pilot, though he nearly broke his neck rushing to the aid of the other Aestivalis pilots. He is also a skilled organizer, since he was the one who wrote the lyrics and music for Yurika's talent contest entry.

He is rather mundane, and the only thing he has a passion for is Yurika, for whom he gives 110% all the time. But she's too infatuated with Akito Tenkawa to notice. He is in no way a risk taker, and always prefers to play it safe.

Later, Jun has became a captain himself. Yukina Shiratori has become infatuated with him.


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