Template:Infobox/Nadesico/ConflictThe Jovian War (地球木星戦争 Chikyū mokusei sensō ?, lit. Earth-Jupiter War) is a conflict that is the main setting of the Martian Successor Nadesico television series. From 2195 to ____ it was fought between the Jovian Federation and the factions of the Earth's sphere of influence; the United Earth Forces and private corporation, Nergal Heavy Industries.


See also: War for Lunar Autonomy The UEAF space fleet drove the rebel groups out at gunpoint. The scattered remnants disappeared, first to Mars, then to the Asteroid Belt and Jupiter. The UE government eliminated all records of their existence, as if they never even existed in order to cover up their own role in fermenting the rebellion and for other reasons as well. According to Genichirou Tsukiomi, the Earth had justified the theft of their homes in the name of pacifying an unstable political situation. The survivors of the purge had settled on Mars when the UEAF attacked again. They used nuclear warheads to destroy the new colony. Additionally, Tsukumo Shiratori believed it was all part of a plan to keep the Earth profitable and under control. In the end, Jupiter and its satellites were the only place left for their ancestors to go, and that was where the Jovians found the artefact; a factory for the construction of phase transition engines and unmanned weapons such as the Grasshoppers, the Jiross and the Chulips. Discovering the plans in Jupiter's orbit gave the separatists the technical base they needed to survive. It also gave them the ability to build weapons for their revenge.



First Battle of Mars (第一次火星会戦, Daiichiji Kasei Kaisen)

On October 1, 2195, the first in a series of Dimensional Leap Gates headed towards the Martian south pole.

Third battle of Mars (火星の第三の戦い, Kasei no dai san notatakai)

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