The Space Assault Superior Male Forces of the Anti-Earth Cooperative Federation of the Jovian Realm and Associated Moons and Asteroids (木星圏ガニメデ・カリスト・エウロパ及び他衛星小惑星国家間反地球共同連合体 Mokusei-ken ganimede karisuto europa oyobi ta eisei shōwakusei kokka-kan han chikyū kyōdō rengōtai?, lit. Jupiter Ganymede, Callisto, Europa and other satellite asteroid inter-state anti-earth joint coalition), better known as the Jovian Federation (木星連合突撃宇宙軍 Mokusei Rengō Totsugeki Uchū-gun?) or the Jovian Lizards (木星蜥蜴(もくせいとかげ) Mokusei Tokage?), is the main antagonist faction of the Martian Successor Nadesico television series. Based around Jupiter's moons, they fought against the United Earth Forces and Nergal Heavy Industries during the Jovian War.




The Jovian Federation are made up descendants of the losers of the War for Lunar Autonomy.


Unmanned RobotsEdit

Piloted RobotsEdit

Vehicles and Support UnitsEdit


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