Izumi Maki (真木イズミ Maki Izumi?) is a pilot who appears in Martian Successor Nadesico. The most eccentric of the pilots serving on the ND-001 Nadesico, she piloted a green Aestivalis 0G Battle Frame during the Jovian War


At first glance, Izumi resembles a member of the Goth subculture, with her long dark hair, pale skin and far-away look. From some perspectives she resembles a giddy corpse. She could be considered attractive, but only in a darkly unsettling way. Her original Japanese voice acting is considered booming and ominous, especially for a woman.


One of Izumi's notable features is that she is an incurable punster, making jokes every other sentence that are not limited to any particular region, ethnicity, or timeline, although she seems to enjoy speaking in innuendos, especially when teasing Ryoko Subaru about her crush on Akito Tenkawa. She is a terrible but seemingly enthusiastic singer who can play the ukulele with moderate success (in Prince of Darkness, before she rejoins Nadesico crew, she made a living as a musician in bars). She can also be caught alluding to some famous philosophy, if not poetry, in her ceaseless jokes. This is probably related to something in her past.

Izumi is not a fan of war, for all that she is a talented pilot. She thinks that she is doing the right thing by fighting, but like most of the crew of the Nadesico, she would give it up if she could. Having lost two boyfriends in her life, one to disease and one to a mechanical accident, she is one of the few women aboard the ship not interested in Akito Tenkawa.

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