Hikaru Amano (アマノ・ヒカル Amano Hikaru?) is a supporting character that appears in the Martian Successor Nadesico television series and Martian Successor Nadesico: The Motion Picture - Prince of Darkness. A dedicated fan of Gekigangar 3 and the youngest of the pilots on the ND-001 Nadesico, she piloted a custom orange Aestivalis 0G Battle Frame during the Jovian War.

Personality & Character

Hikaru is very bubbly and energetic, Hikaru loves to tell people about herself. When introduced to the Nadesico's crew, she starts off by stating, in high tempo, that she's 18 years old, a self-proclaimed mangaka, has blood type B, and likes pizza crusts and soggy rice cakes. She can be as playful as Megumi Reinard at times, yet at some point in the series she reveals a more serious side of herself.

Along with Izumi Maki, Hikaru loves to tease Ryoko about having a crush on Akito Tenkawa. The pair do it to excess, often incurring the wrath of their friend.

She is a rabid Gekiganger III otaku and one day wants to publish her own manga about the series with herself as the lead female, and two of the male leads in a shonen-ai relationship.

She also has a talent for making plastic models, which she practised together with the ship's chief mechanic, Seiya Uribatake.


Hikaru joined the Nadesico along with Ryoko and Izumi right after the Satsuki Midori 2 space colony was attacked by the Jovians. While Ryoko saved Izumi and several Aestivalis units, Hikari survived in an escape pod which ended up colliding into the Nadesico. Lost, she then crawled around inside the air ducts until she noticed an episode of Gekiganger 3 being played in one of the rooms below and being a Gekiganger fan she remained there. As she was in Akito's ceiling, Akito overheard Hikaru crying as an emotional scene played and shortly afterwards, Hikaru tumbled out of the ceiling and fell on top of Akito. (Nadesico: "Charmed by Aqua Space")

After the war with the Jovians, Hikaru left the military and became a mangaka. She briefly returned to piloting when she was recruited by Ruri Hoshino.


Ryoko Subaru

Fellow pilot.

Akito Tenkawa

Both are fans of Gekiganger. She even watched an episode from inside Akito's ceiling. (Nadesico: "Charmed by Aqua Space")

After the death of Gai Daigoji, Hikaru became the most avid fan of Gekiganger on board the Nadesico.