Dimensional Leap Gates are unmanned spacecraft featured in the Martian Successor Nadesico television series. Known as Chulips to Nergal Heavy Industries and Untied Earth, they were used by the Jovian Federation during the Jovian War.


Jovian War

First Battle of Mars

On October 1, 2195,the first Chulip appeared in the orbit of Mars. (Nadesico: "To Go Like a Man")


The true name of the Dimensional Leap Gates was first revealed when Tsukumo Shiratori took prisoners, Haruka Minato and Megumi Reinard, on a tour of his ship and encountered Genichirou Tsukiomi (whom Tsukumo believed had died). Genichirou was confused by the term "Chulip" used by Minato, Tsukumo explained to Genichirou that she meant the Dimensional Leap Gates. (Nadesico: "The Begining of Nadesico's War")

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